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Report of the Constitution Committee
March 13, 2024

Local 749's SPRING Juvenile Detention Newsletter is out. Read All About It! 

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Sisters and Brothers,

Local 749 is happy to announce disounted tickets for Local 749 Members.

Initial remote work applications will be made available for Judicial employees on June 10, 2022, and the time period through June 24, 2022 shall be used to process applications and take related measures to implement the program. Applications will continue to be available for employees on an ongoing basis.

The Union has teamed up with Lake Compounce and Quassy to bring you discounted summer fun!


Tickets are only $34.99 for our members.  These tickets are valid for any one operating day during the 2022 summer season.  Children 3 and under are always free.  

In person, use promocode 20220017, or purchase tickets online at:

We are pleased to inform everyone that the Tenative Agreement was passed!  Please check back here for an update on when you can expect to receive your payments.

Previous Article:

The Ratification of the Tentative Agreements for the Judicial Branch and Public Defenders and the Division of Criminal Justice Has Passed. The Final Tally of Votes:

Judicial Branch and Public Defenders:

579 Accept the Tentative Agreement      2  Reject the Tentative Agreement     99.7 Approval

Division of Criminal Justice:

Here are some of our more recent and key Memorandums of Agreement, Memorandums of Understanding, and Stipulated Agreements.  Click on the each one to review.

Remote Work Agreement - 6/2/2022

Supervisory & Lead IAR Voluntary Holiday Pay - 5/13/2022

The January 26, 2022 trustee elections resulted in all three terms being filled.   At a specal call meeting, the following Members were nominated and elected:

* Andrew Samsel for the 3-year term

* Rich Gaudiosi  for the 2-yearterm

* Bryan DiDonato for the 1-year term

All three members ran unopposed. Congratulations to the newly elected.  They will receive training from Council 4 and will continue to audit the Local per the constitution.

The Executive Board truly appreciates members stepping up to various positions.  Thank you!

A stipulated agreement was reached  as a result of the Judicial Branch and CSSD violating the previously agreed upon stip.

Wayne Hill passed on October 21, 2021. Wayne was a Juvenile Detention Officer at Hartford Juvenile Detention. His co-workers will remember him for his strong, quiet demeanor and his smile that lit up the room. In addition to working at Juvenile Detention,  Wayne was a husband,  father of six and a proud veteran. Our thoughts and prayers are with Wayne's family and friends during this difficult time. Please consider assisting the family by donating to Go Fund Me page.