Local 749 Update on Return To Work Principles

Sisters and Brothers,

I want thank you for the hard work that you do.

AFSCME Local 749 is working hard to ensure the Judicial Branch and Division of Criminal Justice are following the Return to Work Principles. It is a challenging time with the increase in positive notifications across the state and in the Judicial Branch.

I wanted to reach out to you and update you as to the upcoming changes reported from the judicial Branch. The Judicial Branch is moving to blended work. The Branch intends to keep all locations open and moved to a rotating schedule if possible. This will not be the same for all locations or job classes. The Union has requested the plan in writing. The Judicial Branch has not produced it.

I want to make it clear the unions do not agree with The Judicial branches Plan as they are not following the Safety-First principle. Telework and reduced schedules should be in place already. The Judicial Branch stated they want to maintain or increase the work volume in the coming weeks. This is untenable. The Plan should be Safety first not service first.

Per Judicial For scheduling purposes Each Location, Job class and situation will be looked at on a case by case basis. If you have underlying documentable medical conditions report them to your supervisor for either ADA accommodation or FMLA entitlement.

A.F.S.C.M.E Local 749 will continue to conduct site visits to ensure the Judicial Branch is following the Return to work Principles. If you feel there is a violation of CDC guidelines or safety related issues Please report them to your supervisor via email. Then follow the following protocol:

  • Notify your immediate supervisor in writing of the issue and response
  • If not corrected contact Human Resources via email and response
  • If it’s a facilities issue email them at: [email protected]
  • If still not corrected contact your union steward in your region to assist. To find a steward go to our website: Local749.org

Local 749 will continue to meet with Judicial to go over the plan to ensure a safe worksite for all of our members. We will continue to work with other Judicial unions to address concerns through Grievances or Labor charges. You hard work Is appreciated and does not go unnoticed. Please stay vigilant and report issues accordingly. Together we will get through this pandemic and come out stronger.

Stay Safe,

In Solidarity,

Ron Nelson  President
AFSCME Local 749