IAR/BAIL UPDATE: Settlement Reached on SPP-34526

A stipulated agreement was reached  as a result of the Judicial Branch and CSSD violating the previously agreed upon stip. The IAR members who worked a Saturday or Holiday from October 25-February 3, 2022 will receive a choice of 4 hours of compensation time or paid overtime for the shift per the agreement. 
Going forward CSSD will solicit IAR and Bail volunteers for the assignment (s) with additional compensation time. 
Please reach out to IAR bail offices in your region to notify them and provide them with a copy of the agreement to post in their office. A copy of the agreement will be placed on our website as well.
Thank you all who invested time investigating the issue and assisting with the resolution at the Labor Board. Jay Wells (Council 4) did a great job representing our members at the Labor Board.

To view a copy of new agreement, click HERE.