2024 Notice of Nominations and Elections

2024 Notice of Nominations and Elections 

Position                                       Nominations                                       Elections (if necessary)

Trustee three-year term         January 10, 2024                                  January 10, 2024

Delegate to council 4              February 14, 2024                                 February 14, 2024
for 2-year term

Delegates and alternates      May 8, 2024                                             May 8, 2024
AFSCME International
2 year term

AFSCME local 749                 September 11, 2024                              October 16, 2024           
President                                                                                                    (via electronic voting)  
Vice President
Recording Secretary
Secretary Treasurer

AFSCME Local 749              November 13, 2024                                November 13, 2024
Regional vice president
(7) For the Executive Board

*** All nominations will be taken starting at 6:00 p.m. at 290 Pratt St Meriden Connecticut. Elections will be held immediately after nominations, if necessary, except for Local 749 Officers election. The Local 749 Officer Election will be held via Online voting. All notices will be placed on our website at: Local749.org Additional information on electronic voting will be mailed prior to the Election.

If there are any questions regarding Nominations and Elections, please contact Election Chair Andrew Samsel  ([email protected],  203-988-6356)